Journal of Education in Science, Environment and Health

The Journal of Education in Science, Environment and Health (JESEH) is a peer-reviewed scholarly online journal.  The JESEH is published quarterly in January, April, July and October.

JESEH accepted articles in three different fields related to each other. These areas are science education, environmental education and health education. The following content is given priority in the articles in these three areas.

Science Education: Scholarly papers that focus on the teaching and learning of science in school settings ranging from early childhood to university education and the integration of science education with other disciplines, in particular, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), virtual laboratory, distance science and STEM education, research articles of the highest quality that address the intersection of science education and technology with implications for improving and enhancing science education at all levels across the world.

Environmental Education: Papers and reports on all aspects of environmental education such as environmental issues such as air, water, soil pollution; acid rains, carbon footprints, climate change, greenhouse effect and global warming, and sustainable development. Manuscripts focus on enhancing understanding of outdoor and environmental education issues, environmental awareness, energy source and renewable energy, waste management, and consumption society through balanced and in-depth investigation of practices and theories relevant to outdoor and environmental education.

Health Education: Manuscripts reporting on research conducted in health education in K-12 school settings, integrating information and communication technologies in health education, studies concentrate on technology related health issues addiction, nomophobia, cyber bullying and sharing new empirical findings and new ideas in the emerging field of health professions education, nursing education, medical education, sexual health education.

The Eurasia Proceedings of Health, Environment and Life Sciences (EPHELS)

The Eurasia Proceedings  of Health, Environment and Life Sciences (EPHELS) hakemli, bilimsel, çevrimiçi uluslararası bir dergidir. EPHELS'de yayınlanmak üzere kabul edilen makaleler  konferanslardan davet edilir. The Eurasia Proceedings  of Health, Environment and Life Sciences (EPHELS), tıp, sağlık, çevre ve yaşam bilimleri hakkındaki tüm araştırma makalelerini kabul etmektedir.  Orijinal teorik çalışmalar, literatür incelemeleri, araştırma raporları,  ve araştırma makaleleri derginin odağını oluşturur. Makaleler orijinal ve herhagngi bir yerde yayınlanmamış olmalıdır. Makaleler EPHELS'e sunulduğu sırada başka bir yerde inceleme altında olmamalıdır. Konferans bildirilerinin tam metinleri inceleme süreci sonrasında EPHELS'de yayınlanır



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